Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can take a fishing or boating trip with LGF?

    Our primary client base includes senior residents of care facilities, those living at home with support services, and individuals living independently. Overall, we take seniors, Veterans, youth and disabled groups and individuals on our custom LGF pontoon.

  • How do I schedule a trip with LGF?

    Click on Schedule a Trip and follow the instructions. You can email us at Willmar LGF Chapter to request a date and time. These requests are filled dependent on getting a captain and co-captain scheduled.

  • What does it cost to take a fishing or boating trip?

    LGF provides our services free to individuals.  Our chapter relies on individual donations to pay for our operational expenses.

  • What lake(s) does Willmar LGF use?

    We know there are many lakes in the Willmar and surrounding communities, but currently we only use Green Lake for our fishing and boating trips.